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philly_bjd's Journal

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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Philadelphia-area Ball-Jointed Doll Livejournal group.

This group is intended for Philadelphia locals to meet, greet, and find other like-minded individuals that absolutely love Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls. After realizing that many people interested in BJD come from the Philadelphia area (and surrounding counties) it was decided that LiveJournal may be a proper place to come together and perhaps form a meet-up sort of system. This group is welcoming to both seasoned collectors, those just purchasing their first doll, and to those interested but unsure of whether or not BJD is right for them.

A Message.

This group is in its beginning stages but with luck, it will take off and become a wonderful place for those interested in the BJD hobby to meet and find time to spend with other collectors. Please introduce yourself and your dolls when joining, we also love photographs, of course! (Sexually explicit behind a cut, thank you kindly.) It is also good to get a sense of the areas in and around Philadelphia that members are from in order to best gear meet-ups. If this group grows large enough, it will host its own meet-ups as decided by members of the group. It is also appropriate to invite members to teas and other gatherings, despite whether or not the meet is hosted by the Moderators.


Please realize that this group does not take responsibility for the actions of its members, but we truly hope that everyone finds some friends. It is wonderful to find others interested in this hobby, and perhaps you had another collector living a few blocks away all this time and never knew it. <3! Thank you for joining Philly_BJD!