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Good luck will rub off, 'en I shake 'ands with you

PA: Centre County Tea Party

I'll put most of this under a cut to save you guys, mods; I believe this is within the rules, but feel free to delete if it's not.
It'll be held in Centre Hall, PA. Which aprox. 45 minutes north of Altoona, near State College. Almost the exact middle of the state.

The pleasure of your company is requested,
as we celebrate Seraphyns first birthday.
On May the ninth, from one in the afternoon till five.
For tea and treats, games and fun.

Put simply:
Who: All of you!
What: It's a tea party!
When: May 9th from 1-5pm
Why: Because it's fun, and we should all celebrate the day when we officially get sucked into the doll obsessions.
Where: Centre Hall, Pennsylvania (send me a PM for exact address/directions if you need them)

For those on facebook:

I'll have had my first BJD aprox. one year come this May, and I'd like to host a tea party. It's open to anyone who wishes to attend, whether you have a doll or not.
I plan to have BJD games (for doll owners and for non), plenty of food (if anyone has allergies, please let me know!), and my property has a wide range of lovely photo ops.
From the glass greenhouse attached to my house, to the small vineyard, the church w/ cemetary down the street and a pond across the street (if anyone is interested in taking pics at either location, please let me know so I can ask for permission.)
Dress is up to you. Whatever you feel comfortable in.... so long as it covers all the necessary parts.

This is an RSVP event. RSVP no later then May 7th, earlier is always appreciative though.

Because I am not going to post my address up, please PM for it.
I live with one cat and one dog. Both of which have very good manners (after you meet them)
Oh, and presents for Sera are not necessary. She's spoiled enough as it is.

I hope you'll all come; there'll be games and prizes if we get enough people!

Tentative Menu (things will be removed depending on how many people attend)
-Cucumber on white
-Smoked salmon and cream cheese on white

-Sugar cookies
-Vanilla cupcakes
-Cream Puffs
-Make yer own strawberry shortcakes (if the strawberries are in season)

Dinner Foods
-Fruit Salad
-Bread sticks
-Jamaican Chicken
-Grilled vegtables (egglant, zucchini, and asparagus)

-Iced Tea
-Green Tea
-Fruit punch
-Soda (root beer and fresca)

Yea. I know. That's alot of food. Its just a tentative menu, If 15-20 people attend, the menu will stand, but quite a few things will get cut out otherwise. Just FYI. If there's something you'd DEFINITLY like me to keep, let me know.
There is a link to this on the Den of Angels Forums:

Feel free to spread the word, it's an open invite, just please RSVP.
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